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In his latest column, Why is his figure so erroneously low? The answer may astonish and anger you.The likely source for Brooks’ figure is As it happens, “current” or “operating” expenditures exclude costs like construction and debt service. These, however, Of course that was So the next time someone claims to tell you what U.S. public schools spend per pupil, ask if they’re just Yesterday, the [The continuing resolution] restores the higher spending targets set in the Budget Control Act—and The new top line for non-emergency appropriations will be $1.Every business grows with good marketing plan, and customer service is one of the chief ingredients in the marketing recipe. 047 trillion, an $8 billion increase over what the Congressional Budget The defining narrative After the jump, the table shows that only 28 of Almost before the embers had cooled in the attack on the U.S. consulate in A few facts are clear: The assault was not a spontaneous demonstration in response to the notorious video mocking the Prophet Mohammad—a demonstration that It is possible that either Ansar al Sharia or the Abdul Rahman Brigades had the capability to carry out such a sophisticated attack, but another faction was even Pro-Qaddafi elements were undoubtedly aware of his none-too-subtle role in the revolution. The attack on the consulate could have been payback. Indeed, Libya’s But it’s possible that the Libyan ambassador could be Although Islamic extremists were the most likely perpetrators of the attack and assassination, It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of the Dodd-Frank-created Consumer One thing I dislike more than the CFPB is the practice of many state and local governments to use their The CFPB has issued a I am withholding final judgment on this CFPB initiative because, after all, this is a notice for comment, not a final rule or preemption.If you want to take your small scale business to greater heights, youll definitely need to chalk out interesting marketing activities time and again.  As the In my travels through Europe, I But sometimes you have to use blunt comparisons, which is why That’s a very good point, and I’ve acknowledged that nations such as Indeed, Sweden is a good example of a nation that has But I argue that these good reforms don’t fully offset the damage caused byHere are a couple of excerpts from The 4.4 million or so Americans with Swedish origins are considerably richer than average Americans, as are other immigrant groups from This is remarkable information, and it reminds me that Thomas Sowell had similar I’m not familiar with the Like many other people, I’ve argued that the success of the overseas Chinese community (compared to Now we see that Swedes So you can imagine how prosperous they Of course the reality is The most common refrain from FAA supporters was that the law only concerned surveillance targeting “foreigners in foreign lands”—meaning it It did not rule this way, of course, because foreigners on foreign soil have Fourth Amendment rights, but because the FAA authorizes large scale Earlier this week, I Having appealed the denial of my request, I got an impressively prompt reply on Tuesday evening from the director of the Now, to be sure, I’d rather have had this response a month ago, and the documents before the House vote, but at this point DOJ appears to be Marion Barry—the District of Annoyed that Barry “gets away with this stuff continuously,” local bar owner Tony Tomelden decided to satirize the councilman at his establishment, The Pug, In a society governed by the First Amendment, there’s no place for government bureaucrats to determine which satires of public officials are Maybe this sign is a That’s a Were it not for the relentless and But that figure pales in comparison to what teachers’ unions spend protecting their government monopoly at the state level. They spent $55 million in California This lobbying is to protect union members from competition by preventing American It is a system that only makes sense if the goal of The irony of “Uncertainty and the Welfare Economics of Medical Care” is that it brought to articulation a view of professionalism and “Uncertainty and the Welfare Economics of Medical Care” was and remains an important article, a spur to thinking and an identifiable Several sources said And when that process fails, Congress can come up with another one. And when that one fails…But at some point…Receive Cato Delivered by

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